Blockchain Centre Vilnius Celebrated its First Anniversary

On January 23, 2019 Blockchain Centre Vilnius celebrated its first anniversary.

Just a little bit more than two years ago Lithuania announced its ambition of becoming a regional fintech centre. A year ago, Blockchain Centre Vilnius was born. Words fintech and blockchain were the buzz words then, however, those words are today firmly glued to name ‘Lithuania’. How come this Baltic nation managed to keep this flame burning to become European fintech and blockchain phenomena?

The term was a buzz word during the Davos Economic Forum, the world media toyed with this term, predicting revolutionary changes that blockchain technology will bring to every aspect of our lives. There were many predictions, many questions asked, but very few answers were available. A few entrepreneurial Lithuanians decided that blockchain technology could potentially add to Lithuania’s strive of becoming a regional fintech centre. In close coordination with Blockchain Centre Melbourne and Blockchain Centre Shanghai, it was decided that Vilnius must be their European centre. The Blockchain Centre Vilnius was born.

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