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Wednesday, April 3rd, 2019 @ 4:00 pm

This special event – “Innovating Disruption at the 59th Parallel” – will shine a spotlight on one of Europe’s most innovative technology hubs, the early-stage investment opportunities it offers and the inner-workings of the ecosystem behind one of Silicon Valley’s best-kept secret “unicorn hatcheries”. More Here


Luminor: 2019 economic growth to fall below 3%

ERR.EE | Mar 19, 2019

Estonia's 2019 economic growth is forecast to fall below 3%, while rapid wage growth is expected to attract growing numbers of foreign labour, according to the latest economic forecast published by Luminor.

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Estonia to establish anti-money laundering centre for strategic analysis

ERR.EE | Mar 19, 2019

The Anti-Money Laundering Government Committee decided on Monday to establish a centre for strategic analysis that would operate under the Financial Intelligence Unit.

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Chinese Funding for Finland-Estonia Bridge Questioned by Locals

Epoch Times | Mar 17, 2019

In Europe, Chinese funding for a proposed undersea rail tunnel linking Finland and Estonia is raising concerns in both nations.

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Estonia to allocate supplementary EUR 3 mln for digitization of industrial companies

TBT | Mar 17, 2019

The Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications is preparing to implement an investment aid measure to support the digitization and automation of industrial companies' production processes with a total of three million euros. 

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Deputy Secretary Brouillette Meets With Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania Energy Officials | Mar 15, 2019

HOUSTON, TEXAS – On Thursday, March 14, 2019 key officials from the U.S., Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, including Deputy Secretary of Energy Dan Brouillette, Minister of Energy Kadri Simson of Estonia, State Secretary Eriks Egilitis of Latvia, and Minister of Energy Zygimantas Vaiciunas of Lithuania, met on the sidelines of the 1st Ministerial of the Partnership for Transatlantic Energy Cooperation (P-TEC) in Houston, Texas.

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Latvia’s first solar-powered centralized heating system to be built in Salaspils

Latvian News| Mar 20, 2019

n 20 March, the foundation for the first solar-powered centralized heating system will be laid in Salaspils. Municipal company Salaspils Siltums has commenced preparations for the installation of 1,720 solar power collectors with a total area of 21,595 m2. This will be one of the largest solar-powered centralized heating systems in Europe, BNN was told by Salaspils Siltums.

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Finance watchdog: There are too many banks for size of Latvian market

LSM.LV | Mar 19, 2019

With the decrease in non-resident deposits, Latvian banks will have to start offering niche products, as the number of banks in Latvia is too big for the local market, said Pēters Putniņš, head of the Financial and Capital Markets Commission (FKTK), appearing on LTV March 19.

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Latvia had higher annual inflation than average in EU and Eurozone

BNN | Mar 15, 2019

In February 2019, Latvia’s inflation was higher than the average in European Union and Eurozone, according to data published by Eurostat on Friday, 15 March.

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Riga has most affordable housing in Baltics - Swedbank

LETA/TBT | Mar 13, 2019

Housing affordability improved in all three Baltic capitals in 2018, with Riga leading Tallinn and Vilnius by housing affordability, according to Swedbank’s latest Baltic Housing Affordability Index (HAI).

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ECB will take over direct supervision of AS PNB Banka in Latvia

PCMC/TBT | Mar 12, 2019

The European Central Bank (ECB), based on the request of the Latvian Financial and Capital Market Commission (FCMC) has decided to assume direct supervision of Latvian commercial bank AS PNB Banka (hereinafter – the Bank). In future, the ECB will supervise three Latvian banks within the European Banking Union Single Supervisory Mechanism (SSM).

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Wellness start-up Urban establishes development office in Lithuania

Invest Lithuania | Mar 20, 2019

Urban was founded in 2014 by Jack Tang and Giles Williams to provide easy and affordable access to wellness, so people can live happier and healthier every day.

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Finland to join Lithuanian-led EU cyber security force project

TBT | Mar 20, 2019

Finland is due to formally join the Lithuania-initiated project for developing the European Union Cyber Rapid Response Teams (CRRTs) on Wednesday.

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Nine Lithuanian Institutions Join Forces in Fintech Risk Management

FinMin | Mar 19, 2019

Lithuania highly visible on the global Fintech innovation map also becomes a relevant risk management competence centre. By the initiative of Minister of Finance Vilius Šapoka, nine national institutions joined forces for a common goal – to promptly anticipate Fintech potential risks and effectively manage them. On Monday these intentions were endorsed by signing the inter-institutional memorandum.

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Earthport Payment Services, UAB granted a payment institution licence

Bank of Lithuania | Mar 18, 2019

The Board of the Bank of Lithuania has issued a payment institution licence to Earthport Payment Services, UAB. Having secured the licence, the company will offer payment services set forth in the Republic of Lithuania Law on Payments: credit transfers, issuing of payment instruments and acquiring of payment transactions.

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Lithuania’s president visits YIVO

JTA | Mar 15, 2019

President Dalia Grybauskaitė visited the New York-based institute, which preserves Eastern European and Yiddish culture, on Tuesday. It was the first time a president of any country has visited YIVO.

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