Our goal is to be your partner for all of your business expansion needs


Services We Provide 

❏   Specialized referral services  

BACC takes advantage of its strong network of contacts to benefit its members

  • For companies setting up a business in the United States or in the Baltic States, we provide contacts for service providers related to their needs (lawyers, real estate agents, recruiters, consultants, etc.).

  • Members with established enterprises can also take advantage of the Chamber’s referral service to grow business and acquire new clients by tapping into the network of contacts.

❏   Business connections  

  • What fuels your business? What connections do you need to “make it” in the United States? BACC will help you set goals and identify relevant business partners in our extensive network. Our team will connect you to qualified business partners in the United States with a proven track record of creating value for your businesses. 

❏   Promotional events 

  • Promotional and other public relations events can help raise brand awareness for your product or services, distinguishing your brand from the competition. BACC events include but are not limited to social networking events, professional seminars and workshops, and product presentation events to maximize your visibility. 

❏   Market research 

  • We evaluate the current market environment in the United States or Baltic States in a timely and ongoing basis, paying particular attention to the competition and distribution options. These services support the ability to accurately assess the marketing and sales opportunities available for the products or services offered by our members. 

❏   Market entry and business development 

  • BACC consults for both Baltic and U.S. companies in matters of market entry and development strategy in the corresponding country. 

❏   Business registration 

  • BACC assists in registering your business in the U.S. or Baltic States, including assessing correct type of business entity.

❏   Legal & Tax services 

  • BACC’s team includes respected lawyers and tax advisories who can provide proffessional support in clarifying legal issues and assist with incorporation and tax in the U.S.

❏   Visa services 

  • BACC collaborates with an experienced visa service law firms and immigration lawyers to advise companies on U.S. visa issues. 

❏   Recruitment service 

  • BACC supports companies in searches for personnel and assists applicants with finding a suitable job.

❏   Translation service  

  • BACC produces certified translations of official documents and other commercial texts in the language pairs Baltic-to-English and English-to-Baltic (Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian). 

❏   Trade show support

For companies attending a trade show:

  • In order to successfully explore the U.S. or Baltic market and develop business relationships, we recommend visiting the most important trade shows for your particular industry. International trade shows are among the most effective tools for entering new markets or expanding sales in existing markets. The services we offer prepare companies for successful trade show attendance, including advance research, targeting potential business partners and scheduling appointments with decision makers.

 For companies participating in a trade show:

  • BACC helps companies maximize participation as exhibitors in trade shows by offering logistical, staffing and marketing support.

❏   Office space support 

  • BACC provides office services beneficial to companies without a local presence in the United States, as well as those needing to establish themselves in the country. Companies can take advantage of the Chamber’s prestigious address. Desk or furnished office space rentals within the Chamber’s offices are offered for short term working visits, subject to availability. Meeting rooms at the Chamber are also available for rental on a short-term basis. 

❏   Business delegation trips

  • Thanks to BACC’s prominent reputation and well-established network in the U.S. and the Baltic States, we can tailor delegation trips to fit your objectives. Such trips may include, but are not limited to, visits and meetings with representatives of public authorities, private and public companies, trade associations, and relevant industry institutions. Let us help you secure and arrange meetings and make the right connections for your company, making the most out of your stay in either the U.S. or Baltic States.  

Please let us know how we can help.