Fundraiser by Kadri Klampe: YUFASH selected for New York Fashion Week Runway

Kadri Klampe, the Estonian-born designer, is raising money for her sustainable brand Yufash. She has been selected five months ago by New York CAAFD committee to be one of the few designers they support with launch to New York official runway.

They are supporting sixty percent over the next few years, leaving it up to Kadri to raise the remaining forty percent.

Kadri is asking for your help to make this world a greener place by supporting her production methods that does not use abusive labour and wasteful methods.

Kadri Klampes’ successfully presented her first collection in September 2018 and her second show is due next month.

About Yufash:

Yufash is a new breed of luxury evening wear for women who are confident, sophisticated, and rebellious when it comes to fashion.

“A Yufash woman doesn’t follow trends; she sets them.”

Yufash gained international attention with fashion film “My Mind”. Gaining four nominations in INternational Fashion FIlm Festival in California LA and two nominations in London Fashion Film Festival.

Kadri Klampes’ signature of structural shapes and beaded garment ‘paintings’ gives us a look ahead towards the future.

Want to see Kadri Klampes’ Fashion visit here.

If you are interested in donating, please visit here.

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