The Baltic American Chamber of Commerce (BACC) Becomes the Member of the European American Chambers of Commerce in the United States

The Baltic American Chamber of Commerce (BACC) became the 19th member of the European American Chambers of Commerce in the United States (EACC) on May 3rd, 2018, one year after it was incorporated in the United States (U.S.).

“By joining the EACC we all can achieve more synergy,” said Inga Klimasauskiene, head of the BACC and Associate Partner at the Glimstedt law firm.  “The BACC will be a unique member of the EACC as it is a regional Chamber attempting to help the Baltic States punch above their weight,” emphasized Viktor Sidabras, Board Director of the BACC and Adviser for Foreign and Security Affairs to the Foreign Minister of Lithuania.

“Welcome to the European Chambers’ in the U.S. community; we are glad to have all these three countries together,” said Dietmar Rieg, EACC Chairman and CEO and President of the German American Chamber of Commerce.

The EACC represents the greatest number of bilateral European–American business organizations located in New York. Together, their members build a strong network of over 25,000 companies that are collectively responsible for the overwhelming majority of business flows between Europe and the U.S.  Based in New York, the EACC offers an unrivaled business network for European and U.S. companies seeking to grow their business in the transatlantic market-place – which continues to provide more than half of global GDP, trade and capital flows. Through their membership in one or more of the individual bilateral organizations, these companies have the opportunity to participate in high-level business and social events throughout the year, designed to help them network and develop business and receive new economic insights from and within our network.

The BACC helps to promote and grow enterprise development and commerce between businesses in the Baltic States and in the U.S. The BACC facilitates networking and relationships among business drivers and professional organizations in the Baltic States and the U.S., while maintaining the highest of business ethics, and in compliance with all of each country’s laws and regulations.

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