Fancy Food Show 2018

You are cordially invited to meet the Baltic participants of the Fancy Food Show, the largest specialty food industry event in North America. You will meet the leading Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian producers and sellers of beer, meat, bakery, dairy products, and other delicacies.

Date and time: Monday, July 2, 2018 at 5:30pm – 7:30pm EST

Venue: 605 3rd Ave #2300, New York, NY 10158Hodgson Russ LLP

Fee: BACC Members - Free, Non BACC Members $25.00

Note! Space is limited - No refunds - No walk-ins 


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Lithuanian companies attending the event:

Auga Group - One of the largest vertically-integrated organic food companies in Europe. They manage approx. 38,000 ha of organically certified arable land and develop sustainable farming model, based on new technologies, specializing in crops, dairy cows, chicken and mushroom growing. 

Ekofrisa - One of the largest producers of groats in Baltic States. They specialize in buckwheat, barley, wheat, pearl barley, and pea groats.

Granex - One of the largest producers of halva and sunflower in Lithuania. They are experts in sweets, salty snacks, and breakfast cereals.

Lietuvos Aludariu Gildija (L.A.G.) - L.A.G., is a massive beer consortium in Lithuania. It represents a grouping of 7 beer companies, which dominate the export market.

Lietuvos Mesos Perdirbeju Asociacija (L.M.P.A.) - L.M.P.A., is a meats consortium which represents over 16 meat companies in Lithuania.

Daumantai - Daumantai started as a condiments and dressing manufactory. Since then, they have become the leader of mayonnaise and ketchup production in all of Lithuania.

Varenos pienelis - Varenos is a milk production company located in Lithuania. Its activity concentrates on curd, curd based desserts, yogurts and other milk based product production and selling.

Birstono Mineraliniai Vandenys - JSC Birstonas Mineral Water is the first and oldest Lithuanian bottled mineral water producer. They are the leadingnon-alcoholic beverages company in Lithuania.

Biovela Group - BIOVELA Group is Lithuania’s largest and the most advanced group of meat processing companies and one of the biggest meat manufacturers in Central Europe. Having started operations in 1994, it now enjoys the biggest market share of the meat production sector in Lithuania. 


Latvian companies attending the event:

Milk River - Milk River, is a dairy consortium of Latvia. Currently there are 12 participants in the committee, who produce approximately 80% of the total industrially processed milk in Latvia.

Baltais - Baltais, is a large dairy producing firm. They specialize in curds, yogurt, and various dairy desserts.

Jaunpils Pienotova - Jaunpils Pienotova, is a dairy producing firm from Lativa. They produce more than 20 different types of cheese, sour cream, cottage cheese, dessert, puddings, sweet and salty curd products. Jaunpils dairy products are produced from high-quality milk, which is all locally sourced.

Food Union - Food Union, is a multinationa ice cream and dairy consortium which brings together companies from 10 countries. Started using the experience they gained from founding the industry-leader, Unimilk in Russia, Food Union is particularly focused on innovation and CSR in their field.

Estonian company attending the event: 

Amest - Closing the list is Amest Nordic Imports, which is capable of exporting a variety of Estonian products. From breads to chocolates, they can ship it.

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