European Real Estate Startups Pitched & Showcased in New York

On April 2, 2019 six of the hottest European real estate startups: Adept Reality, SquarePlan, QUARTERS, VELIS- Real Estate Tech  and 720° - pitched and showcased their latest advances in New York. Participants learned about how the European startups are changing the future of European innovation and their respective industry landscape. 

The event was powered by the the European-American Chamber of Commerce in the United States (EACC). The EACC represents the greatest number of bilateral European–American business organizations located in New York. The Baltic American Chamber of Commerce (BACC) is a part of the EACC. Together, their members build a strong network of over 25,000 companies that are collectively responsible for the overwhelming majority of business flows between Europe and the U.S.  

BACC New York