Baltic American Chamber of Commerce Supported European Colleagues at CZ|SK 100 Years of Business Investment Forum

The Czech Republic and Slovakia commemorate 100 years of Business in 2018, joining the three Baltic States (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania) in celebrating a centennial milestone.  Baltic American Chamber of Commerce (BACC) supported European colleagues, the Czech Republic and Slovakia’s celebrations of a CZ|SK 100 Years of Business investment forum, on October 23rd, 2018 at Bohemian National Hall, NY.  Included were diplomats, executives and other prominent speakers, sharing a plethora of knowledge on why the Czech and Slovak are ideal locations for business ventures and providing opportunity for professionals to meet and discuss the business arena.  Some of what was shared at the forum was statistics and data on the economic environment in the Czech Republic and Slovakia of interest to potentials investors, such as their high global competitiveness index (measures factors that affect economic prosperity), dipping unemployment rates and rising Gross National Income (GNI), demonstrating significant economic convergence to the European Union.  This was beneficial in assessing potentiality of Baltic businesses, as compared to other countries in the region, in order to aid in competitiveness of the Baltic businesses.

BACC New York