The Baltic American Chamber of Commerce introduces fashion business from the Baltic States to the New York fashion world

At the invitation of the Baltic American Chamber of Commerce (BACC) companies from the Baltic States, participated in Playtime, an international children’s fashion show, met with famous lawyers, designers, artists and other people from the New York fashion world. The event took place at the Consulate General of Lithuania in New York on August 7, 2017. Representatives of leading children’s fashion brands from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania both built relationships with New York fashion business and were also advised about brand and trade secrets protection in the US, the key provisions of distribution agreements, and marketing strategy and culture of American’s fashion priorities.

 “It was a magic event”, said one of the speakers Antonio Lai da Teulada, an artist, music and theater producer, who is also involved in fashion field.

 BACC facilitates business between the Baltics and the US.

BACC New York